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Golf Performance

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Service Description

Dr. Ted Niejadlik provides 2-D video swing analysis, physical screening and exercise prescription to help the golfer improve their game. The video analysis is utilized to show the golfer the various swing characteristics that they may have. Dr. Ted uses advanced analysis software to examine the biomechanics of the golf swing and has built a library of many PGA Tour players’ swings so that a comparison can be made with your swing and the pros. Below are some of the more common swing characteristics: Early Extension- One of the most common lower body swing faults found on all levels of players. Loss of Posture- Defined as any significant alteration from your body's original set up angles during your golf swing. Chicken Winging- Creates a loss of width through impact and limits the player's ability to develop speed or power. Slide- Defined as any excessive lower body lateral movement towards the target during your downswing. Sway- Excessive lower body lateral movement away from the target during your backswing. S Posture- The number one cause of lower back pain in golf. C Posture- Can affect the width of your backswing. Reverse Spine Angle- This is the number one swing fault that can cause lower back pain. Over the Top- This swing fault affects the path of the club and can produce the dreaded slice. Early Release or Scooping- This causes a major loss of power in the golf swing. A physical screening is then conducted to determine if there are any mobility or stability issues or even physical limitations that may cause the different swing characteristics. Exercise prescription or treatment options are then discussed to address any issues or limitations. Dr. Ted will work with each individual golfer to help them to improve their game and reduce injury while they are playing.

Contact Details

  • 108 Main St S, Georgetown, ON, Canada

    (416) 254-3765

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